Your Cybersecurity boutique

The mission of the BeCyber area is to help corporations to integrate the best and most appropriate measures for the protection of their assets, their security against threats and cyberattacks, legal and regulatory compliance, and the assurance of processes and business continuity in a close and flexible manner.

Our Value Proposition:

In the era of digital transformation, cyber risks are becoming a priority for organizations of different sizes, locations, and industries.

Having a cybersecurity strategy is necessary for any organization, but its design and implementation is complex and can be a failure if certain elements are not considered from the outset.

Technology boutique

Broad portfolio of products and services that allow us to offer solutions across the entire security ecosystem tailored to the needs and maturity level of our customers.

Comprehensive proposal

We develop a dynamic risk management model to support our clients in their digital transformation in a way that extends to all production layers of the business and all levels of the people involved.

Global SOC

Located in Rome, Madrid and Panama, and with a strategic alliance with Telefónica Tech, we provide global coverage with high operational capabilities from our state-of-the-art SOC facilities.

The Best Talent

Team with proven experience in delivering cyber security solutions across different organisations and institutions using the best methodologies and best practices in the market.

Partners and Strategic Alliances

We collaborate with international leaders (technological, strategic and institutional) and innovative companies to bring the most complete offer to our clients.

Internal R&D

We seek to constantly evolve our capabilities, products and services to create innovative solutions that meet our customers' needs in a constantly changing environment.

What makes us different? 360º vision of security

  1. Identify & Prepare: We help our clients to focus their security and prioritise their efforts, so that they are in line with their business needs.
  2. Protect: We develop and implement security measures.
  3. Detect: We develop and implement solutions to identify security risks.
  4. Respond: The best solutions to a security incident.
  5. Recovery: We develop and implement the best activities to ensure business continuity.

Thanks to our extensive capabilities, our multidisciplinary team with industry expertise and our new partnerships, we have been able to develop numerous solutions:

  • Consultancy
  • Offensive Security
  • OT/IoT cybersecurity
  • Training and awareness-raising